About Us.

Ramen Zuru

An Innovative Ramen Lab

We believe that combining traditional and modern cooking techniques will start a new revolution in the Ramen industry. Hence our description for the brand (An innovative Ramen Lab) We thrive to give a whole new experience to our ramen loving guests.

The Concept

Ramen Isn't Just Ramen.
Chef Jaysson and Chef Harrison have been eating ramen for more than 20 years. Within this 20 years time frame, they’ve realized that compared to 20 years ago, Ramen has relatively been the same. So with their Asian and French Cuisine background, they decided to run a shop together to explore new routes for the dish.

After 2 years of location scouting and menu developing, Jaysson and Harrison have finally decided to have their first location in the beautiful city of Artesia, roughly 20 miles SouthEast of Los Angeles.


The Process

Broth, Chashu, Noodle, and Dedication.

All of our broths are made from scratch in house, in order to bring you the perfect bowl of ramen. From our 24 hour tonkotsu broth, to our daily shoyu broth or our specially crafted miso blend, we put every aspect of our knowledge and experience into making your dining experience the best it can be.

We braise our pork belly in a special blend of soy sauce and spices until it is perfectly tender and flavorful. The balance of fat and lean meat adds a luxurious texture to your meal. Enjoy our chashu in any of our ramen or try it in a rice bowl for something a little different.

Noodles are just important as the broth when enjoying a bowl of ramen. The fresh noodles in our bowls are made local By TAKARA RAMEN and delivered every morning.  We cook the noodles to the exact second, yielding a noodle that holds up in the broth, while keeping its satisfying chewy texture. And remember, it’s not rude to slurp up every last one!

Our combined experience in the restaurant industry has lead us to ramen zuru. From intimate face to face customer satisfaction to five star kitchens, everything we have learned comes in to play here. At ramen zuru, we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy an exceptional meal and outstanding service. Which is why the chefs and staff make every aspect of your ramen the best it can be.

The Zuru Chefs

       Harrison Ono has a diverse history in the food and hospitality industry. After graduating from culinary school with honors, Harrison went on to experience a wide array of kitchen environments. Multiple positions in fine dining and resort restaurants, multiple small venues and restaurant groups have all lead here. Harrison hopes that his dedication and knowledge combine to bring you a meal you will savor.

Harrison Ono


           Jaysson Li was born and raised in the heart of China and Came to the United States when he was 10 years old. He is experienced in both traditional Chinese and Japanese Cuisine. With over 10 years of experience in Chinese Szechuan Cuisine and Japanese Ramen, Jaysson was trained in various traditional Asian cooking techniques. In 2011 Jaysson decided to attend Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles to explore and expand his knowledge on The Value and Essense of French Cuisine. Jaysson has been traveling to various places in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore and worked under many Chefs. Jaysson not only  inherited their ideology and value on cooking but also their love for food. Jaysson hopes his dedication will help satisfy every guest that walks into Ramen Zuru.

Jaysson Li


       Bao Truong is experienced from classic French to modern gastropub cuisine. He has spent years exploring multiple restaurants such as Otium to Corporate Companies such as Disney and Ballast Point. Taking what he has learned from culinary school and endeavors throughout his career, he pursues to deliver flavors that everyone can enjoy in a simple yet complex bowl of ramen.

Bao Truong


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